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Martin C. Anderle​

Meditative Piano Music
      This is music that gives deep peace, that leads to stillness, music that heals the soul. It is music with gentle rhythms, charming harmonies and beautiful melodies. Martin’s contemplative music is the gift of great spirituality. 

    Highly recommended by the Department of Music Therapy at the University of Music,  Hamburg, Martin’s “Melodies of Peace” is a favourite of the more than 4000 listeners who have bought this CD. Composed between 1997 and 1999, these meditative works convey the spiritual power of peace, relaxation and tranquility found in their gentleness. The slow tempo of each piece matches a resting heart rate of 60 beats per minute, often gradually slowing. The mind listens. The body responds and calms. With relaxation, a sense of inner peace floods the body. 

    Later, Martin recorded twelve piano improvisations for the German music therapist Annette Cramer.  In each, one note from the scale is carried in the bass line throughout the piece. Harmonies are derived from this base note and melodies play above this ground. As the melodies work their way to conclusion and the harmonies resolve, body and mind resonate and also find concordance. Using a combination of western harmonies and Asian pentatonic scales, Martin creates harmonious music giving ease, peace and thus energy, to the listener.     

   Since the release of these recordings, Martin has been invited to play his spiritual and meditative music in several countries. For these events, Martin creates new contemplative music and performs it on the piano. To the amazement of many listeners, he improvises much of his music.  Martin continues to call a wealth of spiritual peace into being through his piano meditations.