• Wer fest verankert ist8:00

​Piano Meditations March 2020, Pictures by Stella Nedelcheva - Anderle

  • Im Anfang war das Wort4:26

Piano Meditation June 2017 

Martin at the organ:


complete on youtube:

Healing Piano Music on the Bass Tone G

  • On a Night Long Ago 4:45

  • Idylle for alto recorder + piano 6:56

  • Trio Choral Prelude5:32

  • In the Beginning Was the Word4:34

  • What is this Fragrance Softly Stealing - 2020-03-04, 11.58 AM.mp35:25

  • Fantasie for organ16:00

  • Ich bin der Ursprung4:52

  • Song of the Dwarfs4:12

  • Prelude and Fugue BACH12:32